Fall Fashion Color Trends for 2020

We’ve now entered the cooler months and the beauty of fall. Fall is a time of year fashion usually isn’t a hot topic but the fall fashion trends for 2020 are very impressive this year. Fall Fashion Color Trends for 2020 This year isn’t all about the heavy fabrics and darker shades. We are all about bright bold shades and patterns this fall season. It is not a common thing to occur in the fall months but this year the fashion industry is making fall fashion much more fun.

Fall Fashion Color Trends for 2020 

There are quite a few must have colors this year to be in style. This fall, don’t be pulling out all those greys, blacks and deep browns and reach for the fun, vibrant shades.

Some colors you are going to see lots of include:

Mandarin Red- Samba- Fired Brick- Burnt Henna
Exuberance- Amberglow- Gold- Silver- Peach Nougat
Rose Tan- Magenta Purple- Classic Blue- True Blue
Strong Blue- Powder Blue- Dress Blues- Blue Depths
Ultramarine Green- Green Sheen- Celery- Military Olive
Pear Green- Sheepskin- Sandstone- Tawny Birch- Toffee
Sleet- Asphalt Gray- Jet Stream- Almond Oil- Black

You can of course keep out the blacks and greys as they are a true staple all year long.

Sophia Vergara was seen sporting this beautiful dress at the 2020 CFDA Fashion Awards recently.


Color seems to be the in thing this year. This lets the transition from summer fashion to be a bit of a breeze with summer incorporating a lot of fun colors as well.

Get in on the hot fashions available this fall and get out there strutting in some of the brightest colors we’ve seen for fall in a long time.

How To Find Jeans That Fit

Posted on jun 28, 2020 by Jen

The battle to find nice jeans that fit the way you want can seem endless. There are so many different brands, fits, cuts, colors and styles of jeans that searching for those jeans you want to wear everyday can become confusing enough to discourage you into sweat pants. Don’t let it get you down, you deserve to find that perfect pair of trendy designer jeans.

There are many different challenges that you can face when trying to find those perfect jeans for your body type, and finding the jeans that will fit just right and focus on the areas you want to draw attention to is what you should aim for.

Disguising The Muffin Top

If you feel that your “muffin top” is a problem, going for a low cut pair of jeans won’t help. Instead of going with a high wasted pair of jeans that make you feel stuck, lean towards a pair that can still accentuate your shape but keep your tummy under wraps. A Mid-rise jean would be the best choice for this situation.

Look for Women’s Jeans – Ensure that you are looking for Women’s jeans in place of Junior Jeans. You want to find a pair that is cut to flatter an adult’s body as they are usually cut in a higher manner.

Waist Bands Make a Difference - Pay special attention to the waistband as a wider band can aid in the disappearing ”belly” act. If you are uncomfortable with your stomach, you can disguise it with the right band.

Finding a Long Enough Fit

When you have long legs it can be hard to find a pair of jeans long enough to accommodate your height. Choosing the right cut is everything

The Cut is Everything - Seeking Boot Cut Jeans that come in several different lengths are your best bet here. This style of jeans not only accommodates your height, allowing you to find jeans that fit your long legs and might even be able to be paired with heals. Boot cut jeans are also extremely flattering to those blessed with long legs.

Jeans That Accommodate A Long Waist

Having a long waist can cause problems when finding the right jeans. It can be difficult to find a pair that will keep your rear end covered adequately when you move.

High Waisted Jeans can Help - Look for a pair of jeans with a higher cut waist to avoid those revealing mishaps.

Stay Away From Tight - Keeping away from extremely tight jeans is a good idea as super tight jeans may be super cute, but they can start to lose their elasticity very quickly and start to droop.

Accentuating a Disappearing Rear

The plague of the disappearing rear end can be frustrating when it comes to purchasing jeans. Don’t let the jeans hide your bottom.


Pocket Type Can Change Things- The type of back pockets on your jeans can really make all the difference in helping to give your rear end a boost. Look for jeans with over sized pockets, or pockets that also have a flap to help accentuate your butt.

These are just a few of the problems people encounter when seeking the elusive “right” pair of jeans. There are many places to find quality, highly fashionable jeans and other apparel. Buckle.com is a great choice when it comes to seeking trendy, fashionable jeans. There are also many star fashion addict  available, so you can save on those amazing jeans that fit just right.